Donetsk: “14,000 people have died, how long do we have to wait?”

1 min readNov 28, 2021


Article by: The New Arab

Ibtisam Azem &Yang Peiduo (Ryan)

Donetsk extremely disappointed as countries are unsupportive towards the referendum

Tension has accelerated and delegates are starting to shout.

The USA has stressed the point that Donetsk is immature and not aware of its own situation and that is why they want to be independent. It insists on letting the UK or France to explain the situation in Donetsk which is extremely disappointing.

Before splitting the room, the USA left their last words, “how can Donetsk make sure that the referendum can solve the conflict?”, and from now on, this is a perpetuating problem in the discussion.

The discussion looks like it has been going in circles for now, countries have been breaking their promise of retreating their troops from Ukraine and want to raise the referendum in another council to ensure justice with the referendum.

To provide a short term solution, France has proposed a peace talk between Ukraine and Donetsk to temporarily stop the cross-fire.

However, Donetsk does not support this idea, they believe that they will lose their voice in the peace talks as they are not really recognised as an independent state in the peace talks. Therefore they firmly hope that a referendum can be held before the peace talks.