Donetsk People’s Republic vs everyone, Referendum is not the right solution to keep the peace?

2 min readNov 28, 2021


Article by: The Australian

Adam Creighton

Picture 1.1 Ongoing to list delegates who wanted to join the general speaking list

UNSC conference still has not come to light, it seems that all delegates are not willing to give up and are satisfied with the conference for 2 days, where we can see that none of the motions passed and ended up on the general speaking list. Disappointment was seen from the DPR delegates who felt that other delegates had double standards on the issue of violence committed by Ukraine, where other delegates did not really mind it, but if the issue came to Russia, the other delegates condemned the act.

As we saw that the solution offered by the DPR in the form of a Referendum was repeatedly rejected, even the delegation from Mexico felt that the DPR did not understand the real root of the problem and Mexico also felt that the solution offered by the DPR was not a long-term solution, so its effectiveness is still being questioned.

“We believe that the statement from the Delegation was a bit of a bluff. The root cause of the violation goes because of the nature of the protocol, to begin with, that any kind of protocol is useless as long as the conflict is still ongoing. They talked about peace talks, which had been held twice before and had no success in the last 7 years. That’s why we continue to push the referendum agenda, because only then can we have a clear fate in the DPR/LPR, so that we can carry out a ceasefire during the transition and independence period,” the DPR wrote to The Australian.

‘’Actually, we do not 100% disagree with the Referendum. We, also Ukraine, agree that this is not the best time for a referendum to be held in the near future. Because the border is still not clear. if they don’t want the ceasefire or protocol to be improved. Their proposal in the form of a referendum, however, will not be effective, because there are still many military int_erventions at the border. Therefore their proposal failed in the end the DPR and others still could not prove how the referendum would work under the intervention of the foreign military at the border’’ Mexico wrote to the Australian.

However we can still see the confidence from the DPR that a referendum is still the best solution at this time. The impressive thing about this conference was how active each delegate was, and how confident they were in their stance and opinion. It’s very nice to be able to report this council. We can see many perspectives and we can see how the USA is trying to be a moderator in the midst of disputes.