Solution For the Use of UAVs

1 min readNov 28, 2021


Article by: The Mail and Guardian

Kiri Rupiah

After 6 hours of committee sessions, the Disarmament and International Security Committee formed their first draft of the resolution in regards to the role of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Global Modern Peacekeeping Operations.

The committee recognizes the beneficial capabilities of drones which can be integrated into peacekeeping operations and therefore proposes these solutions; improving the adoption of peacekeeping drones, regulating the use of armed drones, using capability-building measures and finally, managing data challenges in peacekeeping drones.

The committee recommends the adoption of the Drones for Peacekeeping (DRAKE) framework which will organize a territorial assessment mechanism and the establishment of the Drone Registration Port (DROP) and much more. Under the usage of armed drones, they recommend the adoption of the Armed Drone Guidelines Manual which will create a clear framework for the deployment of armed drones. Regarding capacity-building measures, a research and innovation platform will be established. Training and capacity development programs for peacekeeping operations to arm them with technological knowledge and operational skills. Last but not least, in managing data challenges in peacekeeping drones, the Privacy Impact Assessments will be implemented to assess and evaluate the existing privacy and data risks system.

The delegates of the countries have come up with a and well-thought out solution that covers all aspects of this issue. I congratulate the members of the council for coming up with this solution in such a short amount of time all while remaining diplomatic.