The Solutions of The ‘Never-Ending’ Debate

2 min readNov 28, 2021


Article by: The Korea Herald

Shin Young-Bae

The ‘never-ending’ debate finally shed some light.

The Republic of Congo and The United States of America from Disarmament and International Security Council (DISEC) recapped the result of their committee sessions at the second Press Conference held by the United Nation Correspondent Association — November 28, 2021.

Congo, as the representative of other countries which are Armenia, Russia, and other countries, explained that their previous debates were pretty stagnant for they were only provided with several solutions, and fortunately, most of the solutions were agreed.

The first that they had decided was the solution that was proposed by Congo about “Monitoring Buddy”. This solution aims to report and monitor the violations, and also condemned further investigation with the United Nation Peacekeeping Operation (UN PKO).

Continued by the next solution that was also proposed by Congo was to provide coordination before the deployment of the drones that are going to be conducted by humanitarian organizations.

Delegates of Congo and The United States of America (USA) during the second press conference.

Other than recapping the final solutions that they had agreed, the United States of America (USA) officially confirmed that they had surprisingly changed their stance where they have decided to not willing to be regulated and conducted the capacity transfer on the solutions that states offered at today’s committee session (11/28/2021).