Will They Ever See Eye to Eye?

2 min readNov 28, 2021


Article by: The Mail and Guardian

Kiri Rupiah

The minute I entered the call, the delegate of Turkey said, “USA is breaking the sovereignty of many countries”. Armenia spoke next, saying that they were “disappointed and disagree with the US”. Throughout the moderated caucus, each country took a calculated and measured shot at the USA.

In retaliation, the delegate of the United States of America said that they only set out drones in countries that have allowed them to do so and that they ‘have done no wrong’. The delegate also claimed that the USA only controls 5% of the world’s drones while countries such as India and Turkey control the rest. USA also went further to say that the council will not be able to survive without the USA’s help; financially and in research.

This sight was one that was commonly seen throughout the entire committee session. The USA would be frantically trying to block all the ‘shots’ made by the other countries while each country, bolstered by the support from their allies, took another fire at the USA.

The Disarmament and International Security Council is tackling the contentious issue of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Most countries are condemning the USA due to their use of weaponized drones against ISIS. This is otherwise known as the War on Terror which was in response to the horrific attack on the twin towers on September 11, 2011.

When the USA was asked about this, they replied saying they believed that the committee wants to play the blame game with the United States due to their openness about drones itself. The committee does not realise that other countries have meddled in the conflict in Afghanistan, Libya and more. The allegations towards the United State’s sovereignty are simply untrue. The council seems angry with the United States when they refuse to fund this delirious argument that has been proposed by delegates of DRC and Turkey which give the United States nothing in return.